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Coupeville WA

Springtime in Coupeville

What will it be today! Ahhhhh you just never know!

Yesterday morning I was snuggled in my cozy bed in #2 Cabot, gazing out the window at the beauty of the sun peeking though the clouds over Penn Cove, when all of a sudden… rain. Pounding hard on the porch roof right under my open window.

Leaping out of bed and racing to the window (love that rain!) I realized it was hail. Coming down hard and bouncing off the rooftop!  Two thoughts were racing through my mind! The obvious… “close the window!” (Not wanting to have to try to explain to Dave and Dianne why I needed to borrow a snow shovel before breakfast!)

Second… like any good photographer… was “grab the camera!” Is this really mid-April? Just had to capture a few special memories.

Sure hope the birds found a warmer bath somewhere!

This is Coupeville, though, and as it nearly always does, the sun won out. Just a few minutes later, I managed to get this peaceful shot of the sailboat on the Cove.

Fun start to a beautiful spring day.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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My Itchy Travel Feet

INNcredible is our new feature designed to give acknowledgment and appreciation to sites which are especially interesting, entertaining, or that we just think are “way cool.”  Today’s INNcredible site award goes to Donna Hull’s site:

My Itchy Travel Feet – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel

Loads of great travel information and articles, great photos, lots of trip tips and very nice video presentation. The water looks and sounds so relaxing, and a special cute little surprise at the end of the video. Donna, thanks for such an interesting, well done site.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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