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INNformer #129

INNformer #129       July 17

Hello Mainlanders, Islanders and those in between,

Time Rightly Spent. So you roll out of bed, stretch, yawn, pour the coffee, collect the paper from the sidewalk, flip on the early show, and watch young men and women being far too cheerful as they report the weather and some community goings-on. Yet most of the morning’s information is a rehash of what you heard before you went to bed and, worse yet, most of the news is bad. Your mind flashes back to your stay at the Anchorage Inn B&B and you realize that you’re back in the old grind. Don’t be depressed, just find your bootstraps and pull yourself up …. You’ve got the latest INNformer to read.

Happy birthday everyone. We had a perfect 4th of July with clear skies, a mild sea breeze and comfortable temperatures on your island. A panorama of fireworks could be seen in every direction across Penn Cove and as far away as the mainland. The aroma of BBQ’s and the sound of anxious celebrators could be detected all day long. At the breakfast table we all sang our national anthem, including our visitors from Canada. Quite an honorable sound I must say! This is a great place to celebrate a birthday, hint, hint.

Pumpkin Update: As of the 16th of July, I have 2 hardy plants stretching their broad leaves towards the sky in an effort to find some sunshine. 2 days ago was our 7th day this summer with clear skies. It rained yesterday and half of today. One plant has been producing flowers but they’re too close to the root of the vine to accept. Should they produce a pumpkin, this “Atlantic Giant” would pull the plant right out of the ground. July 10th is the standard date to choose a pumpkin from your patch and snip off the others. Well needless to say, the season is behind schedule this year for all pumpkin growers so we’ll have to hope for at least a successfully pollinated flower by the end of the month. I put a boy and girl flower together yesterday, so cross your fingers.

World travelers came from far and wide. We had 3 separate couples in a week arrive from the Netherlands (Holland). These Dutch visitors were here for art classes, visiting friends and just traveling the earth. When I asked our first couple to sing their national anthem, we learned that the words included a devotion to Germany which, due to history, his family didn’t feel comfortable doing, which is understandable. His wife, from Spain, said she’d sing hers, but the best she could do would be to hum it because the anthem had no words. How interesting! We also had guests from Ireland, Australia, Bulgaria and Canada.

Returning Guests that have been awarded discounts since our last INNformer totaled:
3rd & 4th         reservation for the 10% Pancake discount = 6
5th thru 9th     reservation for the 12% Omelet discount = 6
10th thru 19th reservation for the 15% Quiche discount = 1
20th or more   reservation for the 20% French Toast discount = 2

The Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority has announced the sailing schedule for the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain for the summer of 2011. The schedule marks the 22nd summer that Lady Washington has toured Puget Sound area ports. Ports of call are:

  • Aberdeen: July 1-5
  • Anacortes: July 9-10
  • San Juan Islands (Expedition Voyages Family and Youth Camps): July 11-15
  • Anacortes: July 16-18
  • Bellingham: July 20-August 1
  • Blaine: August 3-7
  • Coupeville: August 11-14 They will enter Deception Pass on slack about 2:30PM 8/11. (Time could change). Expect cannon fire from under the bridge.
  • Brownsville: August 16-21
  • Port Orchard: August 23-24
  • Tacoma: August 26-28
  • Gig Harbor: August 30-31
  • Olympia: Sept. 2-5
  • Kirkland: Sept. 8-12 (Lady Washington only)
  • Aberdeen: Sept. 16-28

Coupeville – The shortest distance to far away.
Your innkeepers,
Dave and Dianne


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Pumpkin gets its start

Dave’s Giant Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again! Dave has carefully nursed his giant pumpkin through the cool, cloudy start to our summer.  Recently Dave reported:

“Well the plant is alive! I’ve had an early blossom, but obviously not mature.
It’s about 2 feet long and I’m hoping with the sunny days forecast it will take off.
That is, if the deer don’t eat the blossoms etc. Cross your fingers.”

He has been doing some pollinating, and we are hoping this one will be another winner!

Yes, another winner. In 2006 Dave’s pumpkin also got off to a slow start, but won two prizes in Coupeville’s annual Harvest Festival contest. Dave’s BrookLynn (named for his first granddaughter) won the prize for “Prettiest Pumpkin” and, at 228 pounds, was second heaviest.

Check out the “Giant Pumpkin” tab on our website for story and photo of Dave and BrookLynn.

Can he do it again? Stay tuned as we bring you regular updates. And, as Dave says…
“Cross your fingers!”


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