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Pumpkin gets its start

Dave’s Giant Pumpkin

It’s that time of year again! Dave has carefully nursed his giant pumpkin through the cool, cloudy start to our summer.  Recently Dave reported:

“Well the plant is alive! I’ve had an early blossom, but obviously not mature.
It’s about 2 feet long and I’m hoping with the sunny days forecast it will take off.
That is, if the deer don’t eat the blossoms etc. Cross your fingers.”

He has been doing some pollinating, and we are hoping this one will be another winner!

Yes, another winner. In 2006 Dave’s pumpkin also got off to a slow start, but won two prizes in Coupeville’s annual Harvest Festival contest. Dave’s BrookLynn (named for his first granddaughter) won the prize for “Prettiest Pumpkin” and, at 228 pounds, was second heaviest.

Check out the “Giant Pumpkin” tab on our website for story and photo of Dave and BrookLynn.

Can he do it again? Stay tuned as we bring you regular updates. And, as Dave says…
“Cross your fingers!”



July 18, 2011 - Posted by | Dave's Giant Pumpkin

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