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INNformer #131 Sept 6

INNformer #131       Sept 6

Hello Mainlanders, Islanders and all those pumpkinologists,

Has summer struck with a vengeance?!? After the morning fog burns off, the sun has been shining until sunset most of the time from Aug 11 thru Sept 6th. Although the temperature ranges from high 70’s to mid 80’s, it can get pretty toasty if you’re out in the sun for too long. Now our guests from AZ & TX all the way over to NY are expressing no sympathy I’m sure! But please remember that we’ve been in an overcast state for 10 months and our bodies are now in a state of shock. Sunshine is forecast for the next 7 days!

Pumpkin Update: Yes, we’ve named our pumpkin! We had 26 names sent to us from our INNformer and Facebook readers. Now these were quite clever and some were rather funny. It was difficult, but we’ve chosen our favorite name and these are the 4 runner ups:
Pump Zilla
Captain Chubby
Cinderella’s Coach
Orange Crush

began his (her) youth on the wrong side of the tracks of the garden. I went out one early morning to discover that a pumpkin that I had cut off of the vine had been attacked by, I believe, a crow. It had a hole pecked into its side and the bird had obviously been eating the seeds from within. He then went over to Pumpkinstilskin and began pecking a hole in its side. (This attempted hole can be seen in the bottom photo – right at the tip of the leafs shadow.) Fortunately it didn’t peck deep enough to allow air in and cause rotting to begin. It has made a nice scab over that wound. Then we had a small storm pass through and it sprinkled off and on all afternoon after I had watered the plant. I think that unusually wet day was the cause for the plant’s main vine to split in 3 areas. Because of this, Pumpkinstilskin has seemed to not be getting the same amount of nutrients and appears to be slowing in its growth. Oh, the trials of pumpkin growing!!

ROUND 2 … Win another FREE night stay at the Anchorage Inn B&B. Every year we ask for you to guess the final weight of our pumpkin. Although summer has gotten off to a very late start, hasn’t been very hot, the crows are attacking and the vine is splitting, it is still growing every day. We weigh in on Oct 8th. The closest guess of weight without going over, will win an overnight stay in your choice of any room (excluding the Crow’s Nest Suite and Discovery) at the Anchorage Inn, depending upon availability. Reservations should be made for a visit anytime between Oct 1st, 2011 and May 30th 2012. Round 2 will close on Oct 7th.

14 inches circumference
65 inches circumference

World travelers have arrived from Australia, Israel, United Kingdom and Canada.

Returning Guests that have been awarded discounts since our last INNformer totaled:
3rd & 4th         reservation for the 10% Pancake discount = 6
5th thru 9th     reservation for the 12% Omelet discount = 1
10th thru 19th reservation for the 15% Quiche discount = 2
20th or more   reservation for the 20% French Toast discount = 1
These numbers are down once again because of reunions, weddings and vacationers during the height of the summer season. In 6 weeks business will drop, due to winter knocking on our door.

Coupeville – The shortest distance to far away.
Your innkeepers,
Dave and Dianne


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