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INNformer #132

Another chance to win a free night! See Round 3 below!!!

INNformer #132       Oct 13

Autumn greetings Mainlanders, Islanders and all those pumpkinologists,

Green, yellow and colorful are only three words that describe the farms across America. But you don’t need to be singing with McDonald on his farm, frantically looking for the root cellar with Dorothy, or lost within a dense forest of cornstalks to experience the joy that a farmer feels when it comes time to harvest the crop of the season. This feeling of victorious success is sensed with a golden mountain of collected hay-bails, a truck load of bright red tomatoes off to market or your pocket knife cutting off your entry for the giant pumpkin contest at the Coupeville Farmers Market! It was long in coming but well worth the wait. Battling the elements of a long drawn out winter, the hunger of deer and crows and the force of Spring winds, Pumpkinstilskin survived and made it to the pumpkin lineup at the markets festivities with 21 other giant gourds.

I knew Pumpkinstilskin wasn’t a whopper, but it took 2 grown men and all our strength, with 2 rests along the way to drag him on a tarp from the back yard to the front yard and with synchronous timing, to lift him into the truck. With white knuckles and vice-like grips we didn’t drop him either. I’m not boasting of our strength but more of our agility! At the market “Pumpky” was quickly dwarfed by his competition. With his crow-peaked scar that was framed by a disgusting crater-like sunken surface, he was entered into the ugliest contest. Kids were the judges and he came in 2nd place! The largest weighed in at 877.

We only received 9 guesses of our giants’ weight. Those are pretty good odds! The highest guess was 404 lbs and the lowest was 21.5 lbs. The winning guess was 100 lbs. Pumpkinstilskin came in at 108 lbs. Congratulations to Ron and Caroline, who have won an overnight stay at the Anchorage Inn.

ROUND 3….. Have you always wanted to be a doctor but holding a scalpel in your hand wasn’t a comfortable thought? Has the the thought of blood or orange slime been a limiting factor? Well Dr. Dave is at your service! I’ll dissect Pumpkinstilskin for you and remove and count all his vital seeds from within. Now…… How many seeds does this gourd have? Third time’s the charm. If you haven’t won yet, this will be your chance for an overnight stay at the Anchorage Inn. Just send us your guess and the closest guess, without going over, will win! It doesn’t get much easier than that. This contest ends on Nov 11.

“The falling leaves drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold….” Some of you may remember the old classic song by Johnny Mercer “Autumn Leaves”. Its that time of year again when the leaves across the country begin to take on color, the nights are cooler and the pumpkins adorn the porches of many homes.

 — Looking across the street from the inn to Cook’s Park

Have you ever thought to yourself “Why do the leaves change color?”

The US Forest Service has put together a nice web site explaining just that at:

Or have you ever wondered “Does precipitation play a role in leaf color?”

It’s now known that the amount and brilliance of the colors that develop in any particular autumn season are related to weather conditions that occur before and during the time the chlorophyll in the leaves is dwindling. Temperature and moisture are the main influences. The countless combinations of these two highly variable factors assure that no two autumns can be exactly alike.

And if you are just trying to find out where the leaves are turning during a certain week or in a certain place in the country, the Foliage Report Network: keeps track of leaf colors in the eastern half of the country and the US Forest Service keeps you advised on fall colors throughout the US at: http://www.Fall
World travelers since we last spoke have been Norway and Canada.

Returning Guests that have been awarded Anchorage Inn discounts since our last INNformer totaled:
3rd & 4th visit           reservation for the 10% Pancake discount = 16
5th thru 9th visit       reservation for the 12% Omelet discount = 3
10th thru 19th visit   reservation for the 15% Quiche discount = 1
20 or more visits      reservation for the 20% French Toast discount = 2
That’s quite a turnout of Pancake patrons!!!!

Coupeville – The shortest distance to far away.
Your innkeepers,
Dave and Dianne


October 13, 2011 - Posted by | INNformer Newsletter


  1. I will guess that the gourd has 919 seeds! 🙂

    Comment by Barbara Waters | October 15, 2011 | Reply

  2. My guess is that there are 515 seeds. Good luck with that counting Dave…sure there isn’t a computer program that can do it for you?

    Valerie Moore
    Kailua, Hawaii

    Comment by Valerie Moore | October 15, 2011 | Reply

  3. Thanks Barbara and Valerie! Good luck! Farmer Dave has your guesses! (Sue)

    Comment by Anchorage Inn | October 15, 2011 | Reply

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