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INNformer #142

Hello from your Island Retreat,

As usual this parade began at sunset and lasted for 1/2 hour. Although the weather was a bit cold and the wind stiff at times, it didn’t rain! The town gathered along either side of South & North Main St. awaiting the arrival of Santa. Frosty led the parade of floats, tractors, vehicles of all sizes and shapes, clubs, H.S. marching band, dogs, and the police and fire departments. Each threw candy to the children until their pockets were bulging. This year the caroling entertainment was set up on the Anchorage Inn’s wrap around porch where the Mayor gave her welcoming speech, Coupevilles first Grand Marshal waved and the President of the Chamber of Commerce greeted the citizens and kids. After caroling had ended we witnessed the parks glorious lighting ceremony ….3…..2…..1!!

With the inn laced in lighting & garland and the park aglow, this is probably the most attractive corner in town. The shops then opened their doors and welcomed everyone to enjoy finger foods and cider. We’ve already got a couple reservations for next years parade.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are always available for CHRISTmas, birthdays and anniversaries.

GOODBYE INSTANT COFFEE, hello Keurig coffee maker. We’re always trying to improve our service to our guests. One step in that direction was to provide Keurig K packs for a better tasting coffee for afternoons and evenings. Instant coffee just doesn’t quite cut it.

GOURDZILLA’S CONVERSION. Just before Thanksgiving a portion of our family converted a couple wedges from Gourdzilla into 4 large pies, collected and counted his slimy seeds and took his remains to the Sherman ranch where our granddaughters tossed him over the fence, piece by piece for the cattle to enjoy. That’s the first time they’ve fed cows. The following week I returned and gathered up cow droppings to fertilize the garden for next years winning GIANT pumpkin for the Harvest Fair Oct 12th.

Gourdzilla reveals his seedlings


2 of Gourdzilla’s 4 pies


We had 18 guests send us their guesses for the number of seeds within GOURDZILLA. They ranged from 5,555 to 167. I was surprised at how many slippery seeds my granddaughters and I found within that hollow. It came to 535. The closest guess was 550! Steve and Gwenn are looking forward to their FREE overnight stay.


2004 1st Wiley 344 lbs —- 427
2005 2nd Tony 180 lbs —- None on record
2006 3rd Brooklyn 228 lbs PRETTIEST 21
2007 4th Cade —- died on the vine
2008 5th Jack Jr. 169 lbs died on the vine
2009 6th Squashinator 82 lbs died on the vine(255 seeds)
2010 None grown
2011 7th Pumpkinstiltskin 108 pounds second place
(for ugliest)
2012 8th Gourdzilla 178 pounds Avis Award 535

OUR ANNUAL MID WEEK WINTER SPECIAL sale is on. Save 15% on any 2 consecutive days Sunday thru Thursday now thru April 30th. Make those reservations now. That special would make a great CHRISTmas gift and could be applied towards your Pancake, Omelet, Quiche or French Toast discount on your next visit to the inn!

IT’S BEEN A BUSY YEAR and has finally begun to wind down. With the inn fully decorated and the pace now slowing down to 3,2 or even 1 room per day, we can plan a few short getaways in the next few months. We’d like to wish all of you a wonderful CHRISTmas season and a beautiful new year ahead.

Merry CHRISTmas,
your innkeepers,
Dave and Dianne


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