Anchorage Inn

Coupeville WA


Innkeeping 101

Are you thinking about becoming an innkeeper but you’re not sure what’s involved? Our Innkeeping 101 program is for you!

Frequently asked questions:

  • What does it take to be an innkeeper?
  • Would we succeed or fail?
  • Do I (we) have to quit my job?
  • Will we be tied down or lose our freedom?
  • Can I work with my partner?
  • Can we make a living as innkeepers?
  • How would our family and friends fit into this new picture?
  • What are our chances of success?
  • What makes an inn a winner?

Innkeeping 101 is designed to take away any fears and apprehensions of both men and women. Some men are almost turned off when they hear the term B & B, let alone innkeeping, for fear of losing their independence or masculinity. Many women are swept off their feet by the charm of it, unaware of the whole picture and what work is required.

The basic program includes:

We offer a two-day hand-on tutorial, where Dave and Dianne will work side-by-side with you during your stay, with a detailed printed program covering everything from the greeting of guests to bidding farewell at the door. In just two days, you will have helped cook and serve breakfast, entertained, cleaned kitchen and rooms to AAA standards, learned tricks of the trade, answered phone calls, seen how to keep records, had all your questions answered and had some great laughs with us and guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided and you’ll be given the best rooms available at time of booking.


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