Anchorage Inn

Coupeville WA


Thank you to our wonderful guests for the following comments

Dave and Dianne offer great luscious breakfasts that had me skip lunch, and a cozy and relaxed atmosphere I would have liked to take home with me (along with the beautiful oak staircase that spirals in the entry and the antique sewing machine in my room). Everything is scrupulously clean and shined to perfection.  (H. – Kenmore WA)

Beautiful surroundings, immaculate appearance and rooms, caring hosts, and a great breakfast. We have stayed at several Bed and Breakfasts previous to the Anchorage Inn, but none were as elegant and restful as here. (E. – Orem UT)

Dave and Dianne run a wonderful bed and breakfast in Coupeville. They provide all the amenities and charm needed to feel like you have completely escaped the city, and fully integrated yourself into the much more leisurely pace of island life. (M. – Seattle WA)


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