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Our College Graduate!

Congratulations to our wonderful Assistant, Lynda, on her recent graduation from college. Lynda has worked diligently and has earned her Associate’s Degree in Business. It was our privilege to celebrate with her. Lynda, we are all very proud of you!

Left to Right: Larry, Brianna, Lynda, Steve, Dave and Dianne

Left to Right: Steve, Dianne, Sue, Lynda, Larry, Dave


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Coupeville HS Graduation

Congratulations to all Coupeville High School graduating seniors! We’re proud of you!

Lots of nice photos of the graduation parade and celebration in the Whidbey Examiner.

CHS Graduation Parade and Celebration 2011

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Memorial Day Parade

So glad to find this great video by walck101 of the Coupeville Lions Club Memorial Day Parade 2011.

Coupeville Lions Club Memorial Day Parade

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INNformer #128

Anchorage Inn
Bed and Breakfast
807 N. Main Street
Coupeville, WA 98239
(360) 678-5581

INNformer #128

Hello Mainlanders, Islanders and those in between,

Winter is throwing rocks – 3 weeks ago, we had a hail storm that lasted almost a half hour. For an amateur weatherman I found it quite exciting. We’d never seen anything like it, leaving our lawns and rooftops as white as snow. This “La Nina” weather condition is certainly not surrendering to Spring and Summer without a fight. As a daily weather reporter for Coupeville in Island county

5 Interesting facts about those frozen balls of ice. Did you know:

1) Hail comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from rice sized pellets (1/8″) to giant softballs (4 1/2″). Hail can be clear or white or a combination of the two. Hail can be hard or soft. Wind patterns usually form hailstones into balls, but they can also appear in other shapes, such as cones, discs, stars, pyramids, or just strange looking pointy blobs. We’ve even had reports of donut shaped stones!

2) On July 23, 2010, the largest hailstone ever recorded in the United States in terms of diameter and weight fell in Vivian, South Dakota. The stone had a diameter of 8.0 inches with a circumference of 18.625 inches and weighed 1.9 pounds. No one was injured. This hailstone broke the previous United States hail size record for diameter (7.0 inches – 22 June 2003 in Aurora, NE) and weight (1.67 pounds – 3 September 1970 in Coffeyvile, KS). The Aurora, Nebraska hailstone will retain the record for circumference (18.75 inches).

3) In North America, hail is most common on the High Plains just east of the Rocky Mountains. For example where Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming’s borders meet just east of Cheyenne, WY there are an average of 9 to 10 hailstorms each year. Hail in this region occurs between the months of March and October mostly during the afternoon and evening hours, with the bulk of the occurrences from May through September.

4) Hail suppression has been tried by many over the years including silver iodide cloud seeding and types of rockets. “Hail cannons” whose “LOUD” acoustic burst is believed to break-up hail while it is just forming, are still being used in some areas where fruit and vegetables are grown extensively.

5) Hail is found in many countries around the world, such as China. In June 1932 a hailstorm killed an estimated 200 people, and injured thousands more there. Other countries with frequent hailstorms include southern and western Germany, northern Italy, northern India and Croatia.

We have a pumpkin plant! After many attempts and failures at trying to grow a plant, let alone germinate a seed,  I’m proud to say that I came to my senses. Realizing that the weather this year was not going to cooperate and running out of seeds, I asked those in Coupeville who were also growing this Atlantic Giant that produces the orange gem, if they had any extras. Offering to gladly pay for anyone’s extra plant, I received 2 plants for free. Both “would have been tossed on the compost pile within another day or so” if they hadn’t heard my plea. Since we had another drastic storm heading our way, I waited another week to plant it outside. My baby plant now has 4 beautiful leaves and it loves the out of doors. Now, if I can conquer the snails, deer, mold and bugs I might get a pumpkin in a month or so.

Business is picking up. Although not as busy to prior years, our weekends are almost always full. Wednesdays are still almost empty, but that’s always the case until early summer when it finally show signs of vacationers rather than those escaping for the weekend. We do offer a $25 gas Buster discount for a 2 day stay Sun thru Thurs.

World travelers
have visited us from Switzerland, Italy and of course Canada.

Returning Guests that have been awarded discounts since our last INNformer totaled:
3rd & 4th         reservation for the 10% Pancake discount = 11
5th thru 9th     reservation for the 12% Omelet discount = 1
10th thru 19th reservation for the 15% Quiche discount = 1
20th or more   reservation for the 20% French Toast discount = 6

Father’s Day is coming! Yes, it’s just around the corner. Dad’s love to escape just like mom and I’ll bet he’ll bring her with him. Gift certificates are a great idea for Mom or Dad. Give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.
Coupeville – The shortest distance to far away.
Your innkeepers,
Dave and Dianne

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Memorial Day Tribute

Coupeville celebrated Memorial Day with a wonderful tribute to the fallen military and concert by US Navy, parade, and picnic in the park.

Photo by Whidbey Examiner.

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What Boundaries Travel

Another great site chosen for our INNcredible Award, for exceptional, helpful websites is

Beautifully organized, lovely photos from all over the world.
Great travel tips and all kinds of information, including medical travel kit information.

Congratulations on a stunning site.

(Sue at AI)

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Whidbey Examiner Article

Our appreciation to Carolyn Tamler for this lovely article in the Whidbey Examiner

Stay at the Anchorage Inn, Coupeville: winner of several top B&B awards

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What is it?

Whidbey Island Trivia

Do you know the answer????

Whidbey Island is one of the few islands in the world to have one thing. What is it?

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day today.

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Your Favorite Spring Flower

Spring is finally here, and colorful flowers are blooming all over the place. Tell us what your favorite is!!

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Room with a View

Morning arrives. The aroma of Dianne’s delectable breakfast comes floating up the stairs. Sniff, sniff… is it Campbell Ranch Eggs or Banana Walnut Pancakes or…? Definitely fresh coffee, and plenty of it. Your eyes drift open and are met with the most incredible site. Slowly the sun makes its way into the sky, creating a stunning view as the colors reflect into the heavens and onto the waters of Penn Cove. And it’s panoramic, since this room has another large waterview window in addition to the turret-style windows. Welcome to Room #3 Fairhaven.

Done in lovely shades of peach, this room is a refreshing delight. Being the “fresh air fiend” that I am, I love to lie on the bed watching the sun sparkle on the water (and yes, there are a lot of sunny days in Coupeville!) and feel the breeze wafting across my face through the  open window.

I am reminded of Randy Stonehill’s song “Venezuela,” a line of which says “There’s a gentle breeze every morning that can blow your troubles away.” I call it my “Coupeville song.” Click below to listen to “Venezuela.”


This L-shaped room has a cozy seating area with comfy chairs and another window; a great place to sit and read or have a relaxing chat with your loved one.

Dave and Dianne are such generous and gracious hosts! For my birthday I found a lovely bouquet of fresh spring flowers and a nice card.

Whether you’re here for a special occasion or just a refreshing getaway, Room #3 Fairhaven is a great choice. But don’t take our word for it; come visit us and check it out for yourself! Give us a call at 1-877-230-1313 or (360) 678-5581 or make your booking from our website.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Easter Weekend Photos

Talk about a gorgeous Easter weekend! I took advantage of the opportunity to capture some new photos!

Bridge at Deception Pass

Looking out over Deception Pass

Tulip fields, Mt. Vernon

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Wild Junket

Our INNcredible site for the day — an award for sites which we find exceptionally interesting, attractive or “just plain cool” this time goes to Nellie Huang’s:

Wild Junket

This beautiful travel site is loaded with gorgeous photos and great articles ripe with interesting little-known facts about the various locations. Great writing style and well organized. Wild Junket, we congratulate you for a fantastic site!

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Easter Bunny Shows Up!

The Easter Bunny made an appearance for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at Coupeville Town Park.

It was special to have the Easter Bunny here “in person” (or I suppose that would be “in bunny”).

Thanks to the Soroptimist International of Coupeville for hosting this event.

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Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a joyous and blessed Easter.

Hallelujah! He is risen!

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Faith Photos by Gail

Wow! It will be easy for everyone to see why we chose this site today for our INNcredible award for sites which are exceptional — interesting and which we think are “way cool.”

Faith Photos by Gail

This wonderful photography site is loaded with stunning photos well organized into galleries and available for purchase. Lovely intro page, beautiful music to listen to while you browse. Congratulations to Gail on this breathtaking site.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Springtime in Coupeville

What will it be today! Ahhhhh you just never know!

Yesterday morning I was snuggled in my cozy bed in #2 Cabot, gazing out the window at the beauty of the sun peeking though the clouds over Penn Cove, when all of a sudden… rain. Pounding hard on the porch roof right under my open window.

Leaping out of bed and racing to the window (love that rain!) I realized it was hail. Coming down hard and bouncing off the rooftop!  Two thoughts were racing through my mind! The obvious… “close the window!” (Not wanting to have to try to explain to Dave and Dianne why I needed to borrow a snow shovel before breakfast!)

Second… like any good photographer… was “grab the camera!” Is this really mid-April? Just had to capture a few special memories.

Sure hope the birds found a warmer bath somewhere!

This is Coupeville, though, and as it nearly always does, the sun won out. Just a few minutes later, I managed to get this peaceful shot of the sailboat on the Cove.

Fun start to a beautiful spring day.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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My Itchy Travel Feet

INNcredible is our new feature designed to give acknowledgment and appreciation to sites which are especially interesting, entertaining, or that we just think are “way cool.”  Today’s INNcredible site award goes to Donna Hull’s site:

My Itchy Travel Feet – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel

Loads of great travel information and articles, great photos, lots of trip tips and very nice video presentation. The water looks and sounds so relaxing, and a special cute little surprise at the end of the video. Donna, thanks for such an interesting, well done site.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Dianne’s Birthday

For Dianne’s birthday celebration, we let someone else do the cooking! She does hats well, don’t you think?

Sue (Inn Rep)

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Destinations Travel

INNcredible is our new feature designed to give acknowledgment and appreciation to sites which are especially interesting, entertaining, or that we just think are “way cool.”  We are pleased to honor:

Destinations Travel Magazine

This is the most stunning online magazine I’ve seen yet! Beautiful web design… check out the Magazine Library! Each magazine issue has breathtaking photography and nice accompanying articles. Yes, I admit to “prejudice” to the San Juan Islands issue since it is “close to home.”  Destinations Travel Magazine, we salute you.

Sue (Inn Rep)

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